2014 Moschino single product with cow patterns introduced

The cow patterns give a nifty and public personality to the high heels. The golden wrap of shoes’ toe adds a stylish designing sense. They echo with the golden LOGO of Moschino sale. The design of belt buckle makes the perfections still more perfect, filling the free and easy nature. Metal texture combines perfectly with the peaceful and playful Moschino online cow package. Unlike the ladies temperament of general chain bag, the cow bag is injected infinite playful vitality. The ingenious match of color, blends the street fashion, showing the urban trend. Backpack is also a hot favorite single product for the fashion people. The shoulder elements matching cow patterns makes the design of Moschino bags online be novel and unique. The metal elements - letters of Moschino are swaying and embellished on the bag’s body, extraordinarily bright, will make you become a bright color in the street.